Artificial Intelligence to enhance Safety and Control of Manned and Unmanned vessels.

Guardian for Manned Vessels increases situational awareness and safety at sea, and improves voyage efficiency.

Guardian for Unmanned Autonomous Vessels combines the real-time weather, current and AIS data from Guardian for Manned, and combines it with local sensors, computer vision and complex modelling to make course, speed and direction decisions that maximise safe navigation, fuel efficiency and ensures full regulatory compliance.


Marine AI’s Guardian systems use robust Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making modelling to augment manned-vessel operations and enable fully autonomous voyages, maximising efficiency and safety while ensuring regulatory compliance.



Marine AI automates and optimises speed, immediate-course and whole-voyage-routing for fuel efficiency and vessel safety. This yields cost-saving benefits for Vessel Owners, Fleet Managers, Insurers, Cargo Customers and Crew.



Marine AI is creating cognitive artificial intelligence to enhance maritime capabilities by drawing on decades of experience in manned and unmanned marine vehicle design, manufacture and operations, coupled with vast experience in automation and autonomous systems software architecture, and computer vision expertise.

Marine AI is ‘Explainable AI’; every decision is transparent, auditable and able to be interrogated on-the-fly. It is built upon IBM’s powerful Operational Decision Manager ODM software – the same software relied upon daily for mission- and business-critical decision making. Clients can be assured of a robust, dependable, fail-safe solution to vessel automation.

Powerful Analytics

Guardian provides powerful analytics functions, giving Fleet Managers comprehensive situational awareness of their vessels and activity in real time. It monitors crew activities, deviations from advice and adherence to the approved course or routing. Dashboard details include:

  • Number and details of instructions issued
  • Vessel actions pre- and post- instruction
  • Crew deviations from approved course
  • Voyage time and cost savings

Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Marine AI’s Guardian Autonomy product is being proven on MAS – Mayflower Autonomous Ship.

The platform will provide valuable real-world, fully-autonomous experience and validate the Guardian Autonomy system.

IBM M.A.S Newsroom

24 September 2020: Maritime Tactical Systems and MSUBS announce Unmanned Alliance. 

MARTAC and MSUBS are pleased to announce they have entered into an unmanned alliance combining MARTAC’s industry leading innovaHve mariHme unmanned sur- face vehicle (USV) MANTAS with MSUBS’s design, manufacture and operation of manned and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) ‘submersibles’ and arHficial intelligence (AI) for military and commercial markets. Full Press Release. 


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