Introducing Guardian by Marine AI. A powerful AI system for the Safety and Control of manned and unmanned vessels.


Marine AI offers two versions of it’s Guardian AI system: Guardian Manned augmenting bridge-crew capabilities, and Guardian Autonomy for autonomous, crew-less operations.

  • Manned vessel safety
  • Collision avoidance
  • Navigational safety
  • Weather avoidance
  • Efficient route planning
  • Remote visualisation
  • Bridge training.
  • Unmanned vessel safety & control
  • Control delivering intelligent system management
  • Safety delivering deterministic rule-sets (i.e. weather, COLREGS, SOLAS, ROE)
  • Autonomy delivering AI path planning and goal management underpinned by safety


Marine AI reduces risk to the vessel and improves the efficiency of the voyage.

  • Reduce collisions
  • Reduce cargo loss
  • Reduce risk of accidents
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Increase vessel utilisation
  • …and much more.
More Benefits

The Guardian Foundation

Each version of Guardian is based on the following shared feature-sets:

  • Scalable at-the-edge sensor analytics (Machine Learning, Computer Vision, COLREG/SOLAS/ROE rulesets);
  • Limited-bandwidth-friendly actionable information transmission and accurate visualisation to land-based teams;
  • Accurate vessel control and safety management.

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A major benefit of Marine AI’s Guardian systems is that all decision-making computation occurs on-ship, vastly reducing the amount of satellite bandwidth typically required for these decisions to be computed ashore. Satellite bandwidth is reserved for efficiently-packaged real-time Decision Reports.


Typically, autonomous systems require vast quantities of satellite bandwidth to operate. Conversely, each Decision Report sent by Guardian includes, by default, only the data relevant to the parent decision. In this manner the amount of data transferred from ship to shore is minimised and expensive satellite bills greatly reduced.

Secure Connection

Guardian takes advantage of IBM’s “Edge” secure connection technologies to ensure complete end-to-end encryption of data transferred between ship and shore. It is built on one of the most secure and resilient Operating Systems on the planet that is regularly employed in critical financial and infrastructure projects.


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